Network Data Systems was born at a boom time, when IT companies were springing up dozens at a time to reap an exploding harvest. Many of these start-ups were built to catch the next carrot and produce quick results. NDS was built differently. From the beginning, its founders brought a long-term perspective to their client engagements, seeking to do the right thing for their customers even if it meant a hit in the short-term. With that in view, they went about recruiting a team of like-minded IT experts who were continually expanding the company's capabilities. Things were swell. Then came The Bust.

When the dot com debris settled, the field of competition was a fraction of its previous size. Having deep roots, NDS survived, adapted and, slowly but surely, began to grow again. With its blueprint of building long-term customer relationships, the company developed a unique and potent approach to providing IT infrastructure solutions - solutions that actually perform as promised, delivered with a high-touch, low-hassle approach that spoke directly to clients' business issues. Today, that legacy continues, and NDS is partner to some of most trusted names in the industry, including AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, United Airlines, and many others.