These engagements can be customized to satisfy particular client needs. There are five consulting services offered to address various client wireless requirements including:
(1) Assessment services
(2) Design services
(3) Strategy services
(4) Certification services
(5) Site survey services
These services can stand alone or be used in combination for various client scenarios

What's included

Assessment Services: Looks at current state including all devices regardless of manufacturer, looks at future requirements, documents any gaps, analyzes any current and or anticipated interference as it relates to wireless coverage, provides a coverage heat map with full documentation, makes recommendations.
Design Services: Takes into account current and anticipated requirements (data, voice & data, location based, high density, redundancy, cellular); evaluates any RF interference; creates design based on respective manufacturer AP, external / internal antenna specifications; includes detailed documentation.
Certification services: Includes a walk-through the designated area validating coverage for each AP, verifying AP placements, verifies the design meets the client requirements and creates a coverage heat map.
Strategy services: Determines - what the wireless roadmap should look like given the desired business outcome, what are key milestones, what are the required financial and people resources needed, what are the key measures for success.
Site Survey: Includes a walk-through of the designated area validating coverage for each AP, verifies AP placements, documents any RF interference and creates a heat map of the designated area.

Supported Areas

Wireless AP's, controllers, management platforms, cellular DAS, etc.